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Learn about the most effective retail strategies being implemented around the world to create vibrant and successful mainstreets. 

” This mainstreet book is an essential, practical guide for councils, business leaders and mainstreet managers. It draws on experience from cities in Australia, the UK and USA, and provides a practical ‘hand book’ to grow a retail area, build business communities, generate a thriving business mix and develop events and performance measures for a retail precinct.”


Retail Adelaide City brings together the resources you will need to set up your business in the City. We help you connect with professional resources to find retail, hospitality and service staff and we provide valuable links to shop designers, research companies and lawyers. In addition you can join a specialist City business group the Adelaide Business Collective that provides a business voice and representation to Council and Government. 


Small Business Hub

SA Government

Small Business Assist

Australian Government

Small Business Commissioner

City of Adelaide Council

Liquor Licences

Safework SA & Fairwork SA

It is always advisable to seek

legal/business advice before

signing any lease document or

entering a lease agreement.

Information on rental terms,

bonds, deposits, rent increases

and additional costs is provided

on this page.
Retail Adelaide City provides you

with details of City professionals

that specialise in the areas of

conveyancing, law, licences,

trademarks, permits, graphic

design, photography, printing and


We can link you to qualified shop designers and experienced visual merchandisers to help you provide a wonderful experience for your customers and to improve product presentation and sales.


Retail Adelaide City can help you develop Business & Marketing Plans that act as a road map along the journey of success. Strategies tailored for your location in the City are backed by the ‘hands on’ experience of our consultant. 

Retail Promotions and Events can lift the profile of your City store and increase foot traffic. Targeting market segments can increase the return on investment and develop loyal customers.

Retail Adelaide City can develop high quality video content and compelling images for promotion of your business on social media. Your business will be professionally presented and promoted to potential customers to attract them into your City store.

The Adelaide Business Collective is the collective voice of  businesses in the City and North Adelaide. More than 300 City businesses have joined this skilled and passionate business group to improve the City business environment. We encourage you to join by logging on to the website


Customer Research

Catchment areas

Customer Service

It is imperative that you conduct research as part of your feasibility of establishing your business in the location you have found. What customers will be drawn to your new store and how will you communicate with them to grow your business?

The City as a whole draws customers from City offices, Universities, Inner Suburbs and further afield. Many of the mainstreets have defined catchment areas across the inner suburbs of Adelaide. We can help you understand the origin of customer trips. 

Retail Adelaide City can help you conduct a secret shopper report on your store to better understand how your staff are performing and the customer response. Store presentation and merchandising assessment and support can be provided.

City Demographics to target with marketing

Start-ups, Hubs,
Co-working spaces,
Renew Adelaide

Leveraging City Events for business growth

City Population Profile

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We can help you link up with an appropriate Co-working space, a Start up Hub or RENEW ADELAIDE who can help you test your business ideas in a mainstreet or arcade.

The City hosts many significant crowd drawing events each year including the Christmas Pageant that draws over 300,000 people. Providing Promotional Opportunities can leverage business benefits.