Vibrant Shopping Precincts

I searched for examples of outdoor Malls that achieved excellence in design, marketing, events and business mix. I discovered Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and I analysed the planning and delivery of operational and promotional activities. The Promenade (pictured) was managed by an independent corporation and the vacancy level was very low and businesses were doing well. Managing the place was the key to success.

Take the 3 Minute video tour

This short video explains the concept behind Retail Adelaide City and how it can work for you as a retailer, property owner or leasing agent. The website provides a range of leasing opportunities and connection with agents in the City and additional business resources. Retail Adelaide City connects businesses with each other to create a strong City B2B Community.

Choosing the right location

Choosing the right location can have a big impact on your future success in the City. Adelaide offers so many opportunities for small, medium & large businesses. Click on the map below to look into more detail about the diversity in City locations and find a suitable location for your business.

Curating the Business Mix with a Strategic Intent

How can we curate the mix of businesses on a mainstreet or in a City centre?
The best strategy is to use techniques used y shopping centres. Research the customer catchment area in detail to understand the escape expenditure from households.
Surveying the business mix will reveal gaps and opportunities. The next step is to work with the Leasing Agents to assist them to attract the right businesses to fill those gaps.

Adelaide (un)Planned Podcast

Malls and Mainstreets
In Episode #10 we head to the main street with David West, an Adelaide local and an international expert on town centre retail and place management. Having managed the big malls, as well as Adelaide’s premier shopping street Rundle Mall, David explains why shopping centres offer some of the secrets to creating successful main streets. Also in this episode…how the 3000 Business Improvement Districts worldwide could teach Australian cities a thing or two. Could local centres do well post-Covid? Is main street one word or two? Recorded online, stay healthy, enjoy listening.